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Austin Tenant Advisors Offers Free Service to Help Businesses Find Austin Warehouse Space For Rent

Jan 15

Austin Tenant Advisors offers a free service to help businesses find and lease warehouse space for rent Austin TX. When renting warehouse space in Austin, TX it can be challenging to get help from the most experienced commercial real estate agents.

Because of that many companies end up driving around calling ‘warehouse for lease’ signs or search the internet only to find out that the advertised space is not available anymore, does not provide all the important information needed to make a decision, or that the condition of the space is worse than advertised. This can be very time consuming and discouraging.

“Searching online for warehouse space for lease in Austin can be frustrating for companies because many of the online listing websites have outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete data,” said Nathan K Smith, the commercial real estate company founder. “They also don’t include every available Industrial space for rent on the market. If a business wants to see all of the listings they have to pay for access.”

To make it easier for businesses to find and negotiate warehouse for rent Austin Tenant Advisors offers a free service to help them find the perfect space and negotiate on their behalf to ensure they get the best deal possible.

“Landlords hire experienced agents that represent the landlord’s best interest so we want to level the playing field,” continued Smith. “We want to offer a free transparent service making sure businesses are educated about the market, warehouse leasing process, and that no mistakes are made.”

Smith says many of their business clients wonder how Austin Tenant Advisors services can be Free. Austin Tenant Advisors fee is paid by landlords. Their job and fiduciary obligation is to find the best space and get the best possible lease rate and terms for Tenants however landlords pay their fee.

Landlords hire listing agents to help them market their warehouse Austin, TX spaces for rent and negotiate on their behalf against businesses to ensure the highest possible lease rates and best terms for the landlord are attained. The landlord and listing agent have a written agreement (listing agreement) in which the landlord agrees to pay them a leasing commission anytime warehouse space is leased in the landlord's portfolio and the listing agent agrees to represent the landlord’s best interest in leasing and negotiating space against tenants. This negotiated fee is typically equal to 6% of total rents. In the event a business does not have representation, the landlord will pay 100% of the fee to their listing agent. They get paid the full commission whether a business has representation or not. If a business has a tenant representative (e.g. Austin Tenant Advisors) then the landlord pays half of the commission to them.

Austin Tenant Advisors Free service to help find and negotiate Austin warehouse space does not have a negative impact on the deal a business gets. In fact, if a business has them in their corner this levels the playing field and ensures tenants get the best possible lease rate and terms. It’s like a business that has its own real estate department complete with best practices regime, current market research, and leasing expertise, however, it does not cost the business anything - no wages, benefits, taxes, office overhead, or managerial oversight. Leasing warehouse space will be one of the largest expenses a business will face so they must have an ally in their corner to ensure that every real estate dollar is well spent.

Here is how their free service works. A business places a call to them at 512-861-0525 or fills out their website form specifying their ideal Location, Size in Square Feet, and Monthly Rent Budget. They do all the hard work to find a business the right warehouse space in Austin, and at the right price. They will search all the available listings using the largest Austin warehouse space database with over 85 million square feet as well as contact all the listing agents and landlords to confirm that what they have will meet a business’s needs. They will also compile a customized list of all the Warehouse Space options in Austin that match a business’s search criteria. A full report (in pdf format) with photos, addresses, and lease rate info will be emailed to that business within 12 hours. This will save someone hours researching the internet or even worse, getting excited about warehouse space listings that are no longer available but have yet to be publicly updated

When working with Austin Tenant Advisors business owners can rest easy. They get their own agent who represents their best interest in doing all the legwork in finding the perfect space and negotiating the deal. The service to them is free since landlords pays all the fees. Austin Tenant Advisors only represent tenants, never landlords. This means zero conflict of interest and allows them to dedicate their time to solely representing tenants. To learn more about how to rent warehouse space you can visit their website.