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The Best Way To Grow Your Business in Amarillo Texas

Jan 6

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Located in Amarillo, Texas, a small city inTexas Panhandle. The name "Amarillo" comes from the Spanish word amarillo meaning "shade of yellow," as the area has plenty of yellow flowers growing in its prairies. In addition to the prairies, there are several museums and other attractions in the city. Moreover, it is the home of the American Quarter Horse Association.

Amarillo has a population of 190,000 inhabitants. It is part of a metropolitan area that encompasses four counties. Approximately 70 percent of the residents live in the city, while the remainder reside in the surrounding areas. However, most of the city's residents are concentrated in the northwestern and southern parts of the city.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Amarillo is the Big Texan Steak Ranch. This restaurant is located on Interstate 40, and it offers guests a 72-ounce beef steak for free. There are also slot machines, a shooting gallery, a press a quarter, a cafeteria, and an arcade with carnival rides. Attractions such as the Cadillac Ranch, which is a monument of painted Cadillac automobiles dug into the ground head first, are located west of Amarillo.

There are also several interesting art shows and museums in the city. These include the Amarillo Classic Car Museum, which opened in 2015. As with many cities in Texas, the city has experienced a recent urbanization phase. But, despite the development, the downtown area has also suffered from economic decline.

The city is also home to the Amarillo Space Theater. Amarillo is a favorite destination for tourists visiting the country on Route 66, and there are numerous theatres throughout the city. The Amarillo Little Theatre is one of the oldest open theaters in the nation.

In the early 20th century, several rail carriers served Amarillo. The Fort Worth and Denver City Railroad, the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway, and the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad all established service to the city. Each carrier maintained substantial freight and passenger depots in Amarillo, and they were major employers in the city.

During the 1930s, the city was hit by the Dust Bowl. A deadly F4 tornado tore through the city in 1949, killing seven people and destroying almost half of the city. Fortunately, the Amarillo Air Force Base was established in 1951, and the city was able to recover.

Today, the city is an important manufacturing center in the state. Bell Helicopter is a major employer in the city, and the assembly plant for the V-22 Osprey hybrid aircraft is located there. Additionally, the city is home to the American Quarter Horse Association, which is dedicated to the preservation of the American Quarter Horse breed.

Amarillo is also an important center for rail freight trade. Although the city does not have passenger train service, it is an important link in the rail freight system. To help develop the city, the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation has been aggressively promoting the city. For example, the corporation placed full-page ads in The Wall Street Journal to encourage employers to invest in the city. They also helped pay a $1 million subsidy to American Airlines to keep jet service to the city.